In Cauchos del Vallés, S.A. we manufacture all kinds of pieces with silicone and rubber, with or without metal insert. We have the latest technology in enginery and we work using high quality material in the production, offering affordable prices in the market, which makes us a competitive, productive and effective company. Due to our extensive experience on the industry, our customers come to stay.
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What do we offer?

Large experience

We offer our wide experience in the sector, as we have been working in the rubber industry for over 50 years. Because of this, we can offer to our customer deep knowledge and guidance depending on their needs.

Tools design and/or adjustment

According to the customer’s idea, we advise and design the mold. Always doing our best to lower the cost with no quality deterioration at the final product.

Small and large amount of production

We adapt to any sort of demand, our manufacturing capacity supports both small and large series of pieces.

Agility in delivery

We aim to deliver our orders as soon as possible, or, if applicable, on the requested delivery date.


c/Camp 64, Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona)

Tel: +34 93 691 44 52

Fax: +34 93 580 08 70