Last verifications and delivery

This is production’s last phase. The time spent on last verifications depends on the quantity to be delivered and the detail that the specific piece has, since it can go from being a short and quick review to a slow and long one. As detailed below, each part must be reviewed thorough, in order to verify that it follows each one of the requirements. On the contrary, packaging and delivery are usually faster, as they are standardized processes.



During the last reviews and verifications, the worker confirms the result of the newly manufactured parts, and if necessary, those which do not meet the requirements, are revised and modified or discarded.

Packing and packaging

According to each customer’s requirements, we pack in different types of box, and if indicated, with a specific amount per box. In addition, they are always attached to their respective delivery note and label with the customer’s name, the parts’ name and its amount. If the material is sent by a transport company, it is also attached a delivery note agency with the same above details along with the name of the agency and the delivered material (for example, if package, box or pallet).



Delivery may vary by customer’s location or his choice of transportation. If the client is located in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, our own transport is responsible for delivering the material. If instead the customer is in the province of Barcelona or further, delivery may be as follows: the customer decides if he wants to have it delivered by transport agency or himself.