Production process



Receiving the query

We can receive your inquiry by either phone, e-mail or fax and, if necessary, we can advise you on the options that best suit your needs.


Budget development

We realize budgets considering all options (mold creation or variation, total amount and material) as soon as possible.


Order reception

Once the order is received, it is handed to the production department for its manufacturing and we inform the customer about the delivery date.



According to the particularities of the part, we proceed to manufacture it as agreed with the customer.


Last verification

Once the parts are manufactured, we remove any possible burrs. Then it is time to quality and quantity check.



At last, we proceed to its wrapping and packaging, so the transport agency can deliver the material.

Specialized services


Mold adjustment and/or creation:

Our professionals, who possess vast knowledge about this industry, can advise on the creation or adjustment of a mold. This section describes the specifications that our experts need to create a new mold or modify an old one.



Rubber molding processes:

The vulcanization process is the method whereby the crude rubber is heated along with sulfur, in order to make it tougher and cold resistant. This forms a rubber more stable, harder, more durable, and more resistant to chemical attack, without losing the natural elasticity of it. In addition, its sticky surface transforms to a smooth surface that does not adhere to metal or plastic substrates.



Our company assigns an annual investment to the machinery update and its respective maintenance, so our facilities have enough engines to cope with all possible needs.

Last verifications and delivery:

This is the last stage of production. First, the time spent on last verifications depends on the due amount and its specific part requirements, since it can go from being a short and quick review to lengthen it. As detailed in this section, the review of the parts must be meticulous, in order to verify that it seeks each of the requirements.

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